"Matt worked with our football program, drastically improving the movement and strength of my players. His attention to detail and passion for his work is truly second to none. He understands what it takes to be the best!”

-Butch Goncharoff

 Head Coach Bellevue Wolverine Football

 ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’06, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13 WA 3A State Champs

“I have worked alongside Matt for a couple of years now, and all I can say is that Matt is an awesome person and one of the most caring and educated coaches I have ever worked with. Matt is highly professional, has excellent customer service skills, and leads by example. It’s my pleasure to call him my friend and colleague.”

-Dan Cerrillo,

U.S. Navy Master Training Specialist

Owner of CrossFit Bellevue

“Hit some huge lifetime PR’s this week. 540 Deadlift (35lb Lifetime PR) 480 Squat (35lb Lifetime PR) 375 Bench (25lb Lifetime PR). Huge shoutout to Matt Falk of Falk Strength & Conditioning for some of the best programming and coaching I have ever seen. Last year, I herniated two discs in a freak Marine Corps training accident and was unable to train for the majority of that year. Like many others I have always programmed for myself, but even before the injury, I wasn’t gaining as much strength as I thought I should be. I contacted Matt 12 weeks ago with some pretty weak numbers and very discouraged about the length of time I thought it would take to get back to where I was, pre-injury. Well, as you can see from the numbers, Matt’s unconventional programming and awesome coaching have resulted in me crushing every lifetime PR that I have ever set, in just 12 weeks! Even better than the actual programming itself is that Matt actually cares about my goals, my goals have become his goals. Whether it is a call, email, text message, or analyzing my YouTube videos, Matt is always available and eager to help or just to celebrate another PR. It’s truly been a pleasure working with him and I know that I will continue to progress in lifting as long as I just stick to the plan. Thanks for all of your help and advice, brother.”

-Nick Strautins,

U.S. Marine and Powerlifter


2013 Just Pull It Deadlift Competition- Spokane, WA

2013 NAS Washington's Strongest Apple- Des Moines, WA

2013 NAS Oregon State Feats of Strength- Redmond, OR

2013 Power Athlete Team Series- 2nd Place- Lynnwood, WA 

2013 NAS Bacon Beatdown- 2nd Place 265 Class- Seattle, WA

2014 Just Pull It Deadlift Competition- 1st Place 242 Class, Best Male Lifter-Spokane, WA 

2014 NAS RAB Strongman Challenge- 3rd Place 265 Class- Kennewick, WA

2014 NAS Western's Strongest Viking- 1st Place 265 Class, 2nd Place Open HW- Bellingham, WA

2014 NAS Washington's Strongest Apple- 3rd Place 265 Class- Des Moines, WA

2015 APA Spring Fling- 3rd Place 242 Raw Open- Clackamas, OR

2015 Hardcore Powerlifting Double Viking- Bellevue, WA 

2015 NAS Sequim Strongman Challenge- 3rd Place 231 Class- Sequim, WA

2016 USPA Strength of Will Push/Pull 242 Class- 242 Class  Deadlift Only Washington State Record- Everett, WA

2016 Just Pull It Deadlift Competition- 1st Place 120kg Class- Spokane, WA